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Welcome to The Pestle Weed School!

Nestled in the Himalayan foothills, The Pestle Weed School is a platform for students to be nurtured, challenged, and fostered. With dedicated efforts towards lifelong learning, appreciation of beauty, and character development, The Pestle Weed School has earned an international name. Keeping these values in mind, coupled with artistic endeavours, service to others, and physical activity, we aim towards holistic development of our students.

With a strong team of experienced faculty members, we are continually putting efforts to cherish and cultivate the real potential of all our students. Being the centre of quality education, artistic endeavours, events, and sports, we are proudly one of the best boarding schools in Dehradun.



Our founder took five long years to find the ideal land parcel among 150 sites to set up the Pestle Weed School. With 50 acres of land bordered by beautiful Himalayan landscapes, reserved forests and a historical stream, The Pestle Weed School offers a perfect ambience coupled with modern educational infrastructure.

Library – Students get to access a library stocked with an extensive range of magazines, comics, novels, books, newspapers, current-affair issues, periodicals, educational CDs, e-Books etc. to promote holistic intellectual development.

Security – Highly experienced security personnel are hired to ensure the safety and security of every student in our campus.

Gymnasium– Fitness enthusiasts get to perform routine workout under the supervision of a qualified gym trainer. Our gymnasium is stocked with Free Weights, Rowing Machines, Weight Machines, Treadmills, Aerobic Steppers, and so on.

Infirmary – Special arrangements are made to provide homely treatment and maternal care to the sick children to promote faster recovery. Our infirmary is well-equipped with amenities for primary and emergency medical care.

Amphitheatre – Amidst the beauty of Mother Nature, students get the opportunity to perform cultural activities like multi-staged light and sound show, theatre and drama etc. in front of a large audience.

Multipurpose Hall – With a seating capacity of 3500 people, our W.C. Kashyap Memorial Auditorium is one of the state’s biggest Multipurpose Halls used for cultural activities, school assembly, indoor games, and so on.

Wi-Fi Campus – Our Wi-Fi enabled campus with a 10 MB bandwidth leased line allows a steady, highly accessible, and high speed internet access of educational sites to all our students.


Our Founder

The founder of The Pestle Weed School, Mr. Prem Kashyap, is a visionary and highly respected individual in the Indian Educational System. Being a strategic thinker himself, Mr. Kashyap has introduced new and unconventional methods to envisage the quality of the education system.

Mr. Kashyap firmly believes that the success of the future generation will rely on their ability to work collaboratively and think creatively. He actively promotes critical education to inspire students to acquire the essential skills along with the conventional form of education.


Classrooms – To make learning highly proficient, we offer Smart Class Rooms with interactive boards, adequate lighting, space, and ventilation. Our aesthetically designed furniture, coupled with a practical teaching methodology, ensures a learning-oriented classroom atmosphere.

Laboratories – We have well-equipped and highly functional laboratories designed for specific purposes.

- Physics Lab                               - Chemistry Lab
- Biology Lab                               - Computer Lab
- Digital Language Lab             - Home Science Lab

Transportation – With five cabs and four air-conditioned buses, we make sure the transportation needs of the staff and students are met during trips and excursions.

Mess Facility – With a combination of seasonal fruits, dairy products, and dry fruits, we provide planned non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals in a hygienic environment.

Boarding House– With spacious dormitories equipped with various facilities, boys and girls get to relax safely in their residential wings under the care of the wardens.

Admission Process

The student body of The Pestle Weed School reflects a wide range of cultures, nationalities, backgrounds, interest, and aptitudes. We have classes from standard 1 to 12. However, the number of vacancies varies by class and year.

  • Parents can browse about the school and can register the child through our website or can get the school prospectus from the school office.
  • After reading the brochure carefully, parents learn about the syllabus and date of the written entrance test. Parents are advised to bring their ward along for the registration process.
  • After qualifying the written examination, the Principal interviews the student to grant admission.
  • After he/she issues the admission, parents need to fulfil documentary formalities along with the fee payment.
  • Parents receive a list of items students need to possess. The authorities inform the date and time of joining later.

What Makes Us Different?

Personal Attention – The Pestle Weed School is all about providing individual attention to each student to help them focus on securing a better future. With excellent faculty members by the side, our students are free to discuss their doubts and queries effectively. We have the constant support system and the powerhouse of knowledge in all spheres.

Rich Experience – Our stellar location offers an excellent boost to the flow of education. The overall atmosphere of our school keeps each student intrigued. The Pestle Weed School provides a rich and diverse experience to make students aware and mindful of different cultures and traditions.

Inspiring – Our teaching faculty, with years of experience and vast knowledge, offers students the right kind of motivation to become better human beings. Our modern outlook towards education makes learning full-proof and entertaining. With a well-equipped campus and e-learning benefits, The Pestle Weed School has successfully created an aura of inspiration for the future generation.

Affordability – To make quality education more accessible to students, we offer an affordable fee structure. As we are a non-profit educational trust, students get to avail countless advantages at a reasonable cost. Our fee structure is similar to any other acclaimed boarding school in Dehradun, India that has an international standard of education and syllabus.

Living Facilities – We make life in the campus comfortable with spacious rooms and brilliant amenities for the students. Living in our boarding school is relaxed and hassle-free. Apart from the rules and regulations, students get the liberty in engage in several activities. We ensure that our campus provides a home-like environment for all our students.

Our ultimate goal is to provide better education and inspire lifelong learning for the steady holistic development of the character of each student. In order to attain this goal, we make constant efforts to shape our students in nurturing of a better and brighter future.